Anyone else thinking to cancel their OnePlus 3 order?

Nearly 10 days overdue for shipping and no response from OnePlus, I’m thinking maybe I should cancel my order, what about you?

As I pointed out in this article, one of the reasons I chose to buy the OnePlus 3 was to test out the customer service and see what the buying process is like without the invite system in place. It turns out its not that great at all.

I managed to get on the OnePlus site on the day of launch and ordered the phone the very minute they were put on sale, but off the bat things didn’t go smoothly.

First of all my order was shown as unpaid in the OnePlus system despite the money being taken from my bank account. I wasn’t worried though and put this down to high demand and finally the order was shown as paid (a few hours later).

According to OnePlus my phone would be shipped on the 19th of June and I could look forward to getting my hands on the phone by the 23rd. The 19th came and went with no change to my order status so I contacted OnePlus via their ‘support ticket’ system.

The answer I received wasn’t very clear, but basically Blair from OnePlus said the issue with my order was a system problem which stopped updates from showing. She promised that the issue was being seen too and I could expect shipping between 5-9 days…..


5 days later my phone hadn’t shipped so I contacted Blair again, but this time no answer. It is now almost 10 days since I placed my order and OnePlus support hasn’t been in touch again except for sending a $10 voucher to spend in their store..

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Apparently I’m not the only one waiting for my order and the issue is effecting other customers across Europe too.

So what are other customers doing? Are you planning to continue waiting for your OnePlus 3 phones, or are you (like me) considering canceling your order?

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