One day with the OnePlus 3 (plus benchmarks)

OnePlus 3 Review

I’ve never really been a mobile phone gamer, but as I write this the super-smooth 3D rendering taking place while AnTuTu goes through its paces on the OnePlus 3 is making me think twice.

The OnePlus 3 is a phone none of us didn’t know much about. Consequently, I wasn’t too hyped about this phone (especially after getting to see it from all angles well ahead of its launch). That said, there’s always the excitement quotient that comes along with every OnePlus phone, and the OnePlus 3 is no exception.

I was surprised by a PR representative that decided to drop by last evening, with a rather large box. (And I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve never seen a phone box this humongous — click here if you really want to know how big). It turns out OnePlus have designed special media boxes (with a Dash Charger for the car, and 5 cases) – nice touch.

It was, as always, a rather fulfilling experience opening up the OnePlus 3 packaging. The actual retail box is a rather standard one, with the usual contents (plus some OnePlus stickers) inside.

Let’s talk about the phone for a bit?

It’s exactly how it looks in the renders. Nothing surprising right? Well, if you said a ‘yes’ to that, you haven’t been paying attention to renders lately. Phone companies (sadly, Chinese, especially) seem to believe a bit too much in the YMMV mantra. (In other words, the phone and its renders are two very different things, usually.)

Coming back, the OnePlus 3 is a rather slim phone. If you’ve been using the OnePlus 2 especially, it will take you a little while getting used to the OnePlus 3 and its metal and its slim body.

The home button on the OnePlus 3 (the OP3 here on) is the exact same design (in terms of working) as that on the OP2; a capacitive button with a metal ring around (and of course a fingerprint sensor embedded inside).

Speaking of, the fingerprint sensor on the OP3 is among the fastest I’ve seen. I daresay it is as fast as the one on the new iPhone (what is it called, again?).

OnePlus 3 Photos.

Before running benchmarks (which sucks up quite a bit of battery all at once), my unit of the OP3 was running on a 35% charge… after a hefty 4.5 hours of screen on time. This is no way shabby, especially for a 3000mAh phone.

I haven’t used the camera too much to share any samples yet, but from what I can tell already, the focusing and shutter are extremely enjoyably fast.

Here’s some benchmark scores:

Needless to say my first day with the OP3 has been rather enjoyable. More on Monday. Meanwhile, let us know below if you have any questions (let’s make this an AMA). Also, let us know if you plan to get one. Two GizChina staff — Andi and Martin — already have a bullet between their teeth!

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