UMI claims the new UMI Super Edge will be “elegant and powerful”

Seems like the new addition to the UMI Super family is now fully confimed, the new model is going to really carry the Edge name amd it’s clear it’s going to be a device with minimal to no bezels and curved display edges.

According to UMI the new Super Edge will be equipped with more powerful processor than the current Super, which is certainly good news, because the Helio P10 is hardly a high-end piece of hardware. And the UMI Super Edge will surely aspire to be one of the high-end cream of the crop.

Expected release date is set somwhere in Q3 2016 and unofficial rumors are pointing out at a possibility of sub-$250 price.

But of course if you don’t want to wait you can still get the normal UMI Super here or check out the new UMI London here.

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