UMI releases comparison of fast charge supporting phones

Every phone manufacturer is lately trying to hear the customer’s demand for bigger battery phones with fast charge support. Most of the current flagship models are trying to have both already in place and UMI have just release a small comparison of the fast charge supporting phones.

As the five chose candidates for the comparison we have :

  • UMI Super
    OPPO R9
    Xiaomi Mi5
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    OnePlus 3

First criteria is the charging time and in the the UMI test all the participants recorded roughly an hour full charge time. Which is by the way not exactly in line of what we have measured in our UMI Super review.

But to get the full picture about the charging time you have to take into consideration also the battery capacity. So what are the capacities of the chosen phones ?

  • OPPO R9 – 2850 mAh
    Xiaomi Mi5 – 3000 mAh
    OnePlus 3 – 3000 mAH
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – 3000 mAh
    UMI Super – 4000 mAh

So theoretically on paper the UMI Super should be the winner of the comparison based on the higher capacity and same charging time. But the reality of course can be a little bit different.

Another critieria in the spotlight is the use of the USB Type-C charging and there all of the devices except the Samsung model can say yes to the modern port.

UMI are of course being very bold and somewhat misleading with such comparisons, but still it’s interesting to see even such slightly biased one.

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