UMI London features the DG Twin-Shield technology

UMI have prepared another new model for us and the UMI London is special not just in being named as one of the european capitols. The other unique feature is called DG Twin-Shield technology.

So what’s this technology about and sort of advantages it means for the UMI London ? Of course the company claims first and foremost that even with London being the budget type of a device there is no need to avoid using the modern technologies inside it.

In theory it’s really nothing revolutional, but even as a small step in evolution the DG Twin-Shield tech will do. Simply put the technology is down to using dual protective T2X-1 glass and 3M double coated foam tapes to protect and strenghten the front panel of the phone. Thanks to it its more sturdy and drop resistent, while not being extra bulky at all.

If you are interested in the more accurate decriptions of UMI London spec and all the techs used including the DG Twin-Shield you can click here.

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