Xiaomi manages to sell 110 million Redmi devices so far

little pepper redmi note 3

Xiaomi have announced today a record milestone for the company with the sale of 110 million Redmi devices over the past 3 years.

Since the Redmi sub brand launch 3 years ago, the phones have proven to be popular with people wanting decent performance and knock down pricing. The original Redmi 1 launched back on the 12th August 2013, and since that time the phone maker has managed to rack up 110 million sales.

The Redmi Range of phones are normally bought by customers aged from 22-29 and is currently made up of the rather amazing Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro and Note 3 devices with all metal bodies and fingerprint scanners.

Xiaomi are likely to continue building up the range of Redmi phones over the coming year, but next for the phone maker is a Xiaomi Mi5S and a Redmi Note 2 which may get dual rear cameras.

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