Brushed metal Xiaomi Redmi 4 leaked with dual cameras

xiaomi redmi 4

After announcing 110 million Redmi phones sold over the past few years we might be on the verge of seeing a new Redmi model launched to celebrate.

The current Redmi phones offer powerful specs (Snapdragon 652) decent levels of memory (3GB RAM), all metal bodies and even rear fingerprint scanners. In fact the Redmi’s well rounded spec even includes a large battery to boot!

With such a decent phone already available what could Xiaomi be planning to offer for the Redmi 4? Well purported leaked images show a new brushed metal finish and possible dual rear cameras.

The Redmi 4 could have more upmarket and better quality CNC chassis which would certainly give the phone a better feel and perhaps lighter stiffer body. Dual camera’s however seem a little too upmarket for the budget Redmi range, but then again Xiaomi have surprised us before and are likely to do so again.

xiaomi redmi 4

A dual rear camera design would also probably mean that the fingerprint scanner will have moved to the front of the phone, likely in a physical button similar to the Xiaomi Mi5.

As usual with these leaks and rumours we currently have no news on a price or launch date, but you will be the first to know as soon as we get more details.

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