That dual camera Redmi is set to have 10 core chip and 4GB RAM

The Redmi range of phones is coming to age with already great specs and pricing, but a new model is set to rival even Xiaomi’s most expensive devices.

A device leaked earlier on in the week has been labelled a flagship Xiaomi Redmi by commenters who had been impressed by the appearance of a new brushed metal body and dual camera design, now specs reveal that the phone is a true flagship killer in the making too.

Partial TENAA documents released today reveal that the upcoming Xiaomi Redmi will also benefit from is 10 core chipset (likely from Mediatek), 4GB RAM and a whopping 128GB internal memory. Chances are the new phone wil be powered by the slightly more powerful Helio X25 chipset first seen in the Meizu Pro 6.

The details don’t mention anything about the phones dual camera design or where the fingerprint scanner on the device might be located, but it has also been revealed that the phone will have an Android 6.0 OS and fast 5V/2A charging.

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