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Helio X25

Elephone Soldier

The first ever rugged phone from Elephone is now out and the Elephone Soldier is actually looking quite good. Today we have for you an …

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Elephone Soldier

After some months of leaks and a naming change, Elephone finally unveiled their first ever rugged phone – the Elephone Soldier. The smartphone can now …

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Elephone Soldier

Elephone was rumored to launch a new rugged phone a couple months back, but that never became reality, without a real explanation. Now, the company …

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Elephone Fighter

A while back we heard that Elephone was going to launch their first rugged phone in the following months. Well, that day seems to get …

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Elephone Fighter

Elephone seem to have gone all-in with their first ever rugged phone – the Elephone Fighter. The handset will indeed pack quite some hardware compared …

Elephone Fighter

As we all know, Elephone have launched an abundance of devices over the years but – at least to our knowledge – they’ve actually never …

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Elephone S8

As you all well know, the Elephone S8 is the latest flagship phone launched by the Chinese phone maker. The handset sports a beautiful 6.0-inch …

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The Elephone S8 appears to be one of the most successful devices ever launched by the Chinese phone maker. The handset is probably among the …

Because of the impressive number of pre-orders for the Elephone S8, the company is working non-stop on the production and quality control of said device. …

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Apparently Elephone has really ramped up the production of their latest Elephone S8 as they seem to push out more deals on the already best …

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Elephone S8

The new Elephone flagship, bezel-less model Elephone S8 is already out in the stores so sales for this long awaited piece have finally started. And …

According to reports from Taiwan that came to our attention today, it seems that TSMC is working closely with Mediatek on an next-gen SoC with …

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Vernee Apollo

Vernee Apollo is not giving up and after a fairly successful impression left in our detailed review the phone is here up for grabs with …

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Vernee Apollo First Impressions

The Vernee Apollo is Vernee’s latest flagship which we’ll be reviewing soon. In the meanwhile, enjoy these first impressions of the phone!

Vernee Apollo

Today we have a deep look at the Vernee Apollo’s fingerprint scanner software. Why does it make the phone unlock faster than an iPhone 7 Plus?

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Elephone S7 Treasure Limited helio X25

The Elephone S7 Treasure is now on sale in limited quantities. It features a more powerful CPU while keeping a low price.

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If you came across this question then you could find an answer in this article. Both phones are great options, but which one suits you better?

elephone s7 treasure

Elephone are planing to launch a very limited edition version of the Elephone S7 in special edition colours and slightly higher specs!

Vernee Apollo

Even though it’s undeniable that Vernee Apollo is coming way later than expected and probably missed a much better chance to make a real dent …

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Vernee Apollo

Vernee have been dancing around the release of their Vernee Apollo flagship for quite a while, first information dates way back. But seems like the …