Mediatek working close with TSMC on new 7nm SoC architecture

Mediatek working close with TSMC on new 7nm SoC architecture


According to reports from Taiwan that came to our attention today, it seems that TSMC is working closely with Mediatek on an next-gen SoC with 12 cores that will be based on the cutting-edge 7nm architecture! This means that this new system processor will be faster, more powerful and more power efficient than today’s 10nm chips.

So far Mediatek has successfully manufactured several 10 core chipsets, like the Helio X20 and X25 with significant increase in their performance, but this doesn’t seem to be enough for them to compete with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8xxx SoC’s today. Mediatek already knows this, so the Chinese based company has decided to choose a specific approach, to accomplish its goals by balancing performance with pricing and energy efficiency.


According to official reports Samsung and TSMC have already plans to work on the mass production of 7nm processors by early 2018. This means that it won’t be that long before we begin to see the first 12 core smartphones and perhaps the next Galaxy S9 will be one of them.

Mediatek is currently working hard to create its 10nm flagship processor called Helio X30. It is expected to be used by several Chinese manufacturers and its mass production is expected to begin during the second quarter of 2017.

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  • newphoenix

    “today’s 10nm chips” can you name 2 chips on MARKET that are using 10nm manufacturing?
    “7nm architecture” if nm is architecture then ARM is a length unit.

    • Assefa Hanson

      Of course they are not on the market but they are already finished products the x30 is not a concept chip so todays’10nm chips is perfectly appropriate

      Also this is english so the word “today” does not have to be literal it can be figurative would you be this outraged if someone said “tomorrows” 7nm would you then ask where is the proof that the 7nm chip will be released tomorrow?

  • Assefa Hanson

    12 cores… Lets hope it has good reception

  • gersonjunior87

    Why 12 cores?

  • Nolan

    It will be slower than Snapdragon 625 for sure.

  • yoselife

    Mediatek should make helio x30 with MP4 GPU and helio x35 with MP8 GPU, as they should have done with helio x20 and helio x25 and didnt do, too bad
    and dont forget that SD835 will run WIN10 , Mediatek should start thinking on that too
    Intel should start worried

    • nobitakun

      executing x86 code will make it run slow as hell, like it happened with the Apple transition to x86. The first reason to buy a sd835 equipped device is not for sure to execute x86 code, my god.

      • yoselife

        true it will run very slow, as WIN10 will run on some kind of an emulator, but its only the beginning

  • Judeus Wynn

    I care more of Mediatek chips could finally support more LTE bands such as those here in the US.