OnePlus unveils the Bullets V2 earphones

OnePlus unveils the Bullets V2 earphones


After giving us a teaser of their latest earphones yesterday, OnePlus have just now unveiled their latest product, the OnePlus Bullets V2, the successor to OnePlus’s previous pair of earphones, the OnePlus Bullets.

At first glance, the Bullets V2 seem to simply be a lower priced version of their other earphones, the OnePlus Icons. After all, their respective price tags – the Icons cost much more than the Bullets V2 – seem to suggest so. According to OnePlus however, the Bullets V2 are different because they were optimized for use with the OnePlus 3, or so they say.

sUCH V 2

The Bullets V2 are designed to look much more expensive than their 19.95 Euro price tag would have you believe, with plenty of metal being used in the construction of the earphones. The cables on the earphones are flat to prevent any tangling.

Also according to OnePlus, the Bullets V2 were made in partnership with German audio experts LOFO and feature an aluminium coil wrapped in high-end Japanese black copper. They suggest that this makes for a more consistent listening experience, and it will supposedly bring out the tiniest details in audio, though I’m somewhat sceptic about that.


The OnePlus Bullets V2 are 19.95 Euros and will soon be available for purchase at their website or any OnePlus retail shops near you. You can check the Bullets V2’s official product page right here.

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