Another phone explodes while charging – the OnePlus One

oneplus 2 smaller

After a horrifying video of a Xiaomi Mi 4i turning into light and fire surfaced on the web, yet another phone made by a Chinese phone maker seems to have done the same.

Reports coming from India reveal that a OnePlus One went kaput and exploded while being charged. While it cannot be verified at the moment, the owner of the phone reckons it was connected to the official charger when that happened.

The owner — Deepak Gosain — has since uploaded a video (see below) of the aftermath, and has approached OnePlus service centres. He has been promised a replacement, but according to Gosain he’s yet to hear anything from the company since.

OnePlus India had the following to say about the incident:

Gizchina News of the week

Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers. We are confident in the quality of our products, which all undergo industry-leading safety tests. We are already in touch with this customer, but since this is an open case, we cannot disclose any further information.

All of this is worrying.

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  1. Hakim Farouk
    August 25, 2016

    tbh, there’s no video of when it happened rather an aftermath video. you can’t tell if this was really done by an original charger or it was rig or he was telling the truth. now anybody can rig their phones and get a new replacement for free just by taking an aftermath video and claiming this. I’m skeptical

    • kab
      August 25, 2016

      u guys dont find it odd that this happens to sd820s only?
      last time sd810 heated up too much, now sd820 doesn’t – it just blows up.
      is qc in the business of killing people these days?

      • Hakim Farouk
        August 25, 2016

        Opo uses 801. This is not Op3

        • Zero
          August 27, 2016

          Also some Xiaomis non SD 820 exploded too…

      • Paperclip
        August 25, 2016

        Dude you didn’t read the article? -_-

    • Hakim Farouk
      August 25, 2016

      I wouldn’t be to quick on sending a new replacement if I was Op. Knowing it being OP1, they should send a local representative to investigate whether the phone was running on a custom rom, whether the kernel was tweaked and was the phone overclocked and etc.

  2. Karly Johnston
    August 25, 2016

    Order the OPX Now! No thanks…

  3. MattD
    August 25, 2016

    “quick charge is perfectly fine and it does cause no problem whatsoever, so let’s rely solely on that and let’s reduce batteries more and more”.

    Inb4: I know, opo doesn’t have an official qualcomm quick charge, but the charge is on a similar output level

  4. Muhammad Yasir
    August 25, 2016

    This is being BLOWN out of proportion

    i’ll see myself out.

  5. NextHype
    August 25, 2016

    2 years later, he’s trying to get a new phone for free + google money with views on his lousy vid that proves nothing. And ppl are writing about it. WTH

  6. David Gardner
    August 26, 2016

    have to ask what charger was used and the cable too? the cable in the vid looks in very good condition for one that was connected to a phone that melted? just playing devils advocate 😀