Some more Vernee Mars pictures released

With the release date of the new Vernee Mars getting closer and closer we just received some more pictures showing the phone in all its glory. So far the experience with Vernee devices have been a very positive one so we are looking forward to the next one.

The released pictures are mostly showing the back of the phone so it’s obvious the Mars will really have the arc antenna design as mentioned before. It’s a shame that the pics are not showing the announced blue version of Mars, but even the ordinary silver one is not looking bad.

Looking at the pictures we can speculate a bit about some similarities of the Mars design with the iPhones, specifically the carbon grey style with darker plastic stripes for the antennas. But maybe we are just paranoid and already affected by the omnipresent chinese obsession with Apple products.

Anyway we will be eagerly awaiting more detailed information and the Vernee Mars in the coming days, because we think it’s a possible sleeper hit device.

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