The mystery has a name! Rio launching 10th Sept

rio colours

Over the past few days we have been getting details about an upcoming smartphone brand and its new phone. Today we learn the name of that phone.

Although we still don’t know the name of the brand behind the mystery handset, today we can reveal the model name for the phone and the start of the pre-sales. Our sources have confirmed that the device will be called the Rio (the name will be accompanied with a model number) and that the smartphone will be available for pre-sale on the 10th September to international customers.

  • To recap all we know about the Rio so far the specs are as follows:
  • 5.5-inch display
  • AMOLED panel
  • Home button with Fingerprint scanner
  • 3000mAh battery
  • CNC alloy chassis
  • Price: $129.99

If the latest render of the phone is accurate too, then we can also look forward to a range of colours too.


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