Cubot V2 ‘Mi Band 2 alternative’ gets a $24 price tag

Cubot V2 smart band

Cubot V2 Mi Band 2 alternativeCubot’s alternative to the Mi Band 2, the Cubot V2 smart band now has a price tag going with it. While we’re still to use the band, it does look like an interesting prospect at the concerned price point.

It’s been learnt (via GizWear) that the Cubot V2 will go for $24, which for now is only on pre-sale with orders set to ship out in the first week of October. What makes the V2 interesting is the company’s claim of the band having a GPS module inside of it, giving users better control over their fitness tracking.

Cubot V2 Features

  • 0.88-inch OLED display
  • Heart rate monitor
  • GPS tracking (built-in)
  • Notification relay (SMS, alarms, calls, etc.) with caller name display
  • Phone camera shutter control
  • Bi-directional touch sensors

Cubot V2 smart band

It all makes the V2 look like a very powerful contender to the Mi Band 2 (read our Mi Band 2 review here) at an extremely attractive price. Of course we’re going a little ahead of ourselves here (it’s yet to start shipping), but for now it’s managed to get our attention.

We’ll try and get one for review in the coming couple of weeks. Meanwhile, interested parties can pre-book one for $24 here.

Cubot V2 Demo Video

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