Xiaomi Mi5S leaked photo shows a legal battle waiting to happen

xiaomi mi5s

Following up from rumours that the Xiaomi Mi5s will not have a physical home button, a new spy photo has been released showing an alternate design and possible legal issues to Xiaomi.

Cast your minds back a few years and you may remember that Meizu was in a spot of bother with the design of their Halo home ring on the chin of their then phones. Meizu had been using the Halo for a few years, but ZTE’s Nubia brand wasn’t to happy about it as they had been using the same design too.

Nubia came out on top in that battle which lead to Meizu moving back to physical home buttons.

So with that in mind it is safe to assume that the halo or ring design for a home navigation key is off bounds right? Well has nobody bothered to tell the designers at Xiaomi?

Above is a purported spy photo of the Xiaomi Mi5S which features a similar ring on the chin of the phone, where it is highly likely an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner will be embedded.

Xiaomi are quite a smart bunch so we assume that this is just an internal version of the phone (or a fake) and that the final production model will have another icon in its place.

The Xiaomi Mi5S is set to launch later this year with Snapdragon 821 chipset, 5.15-inch display, and 16 mega-pixel rear camera.

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