Elephone R9 will be using glass cover for the fingeprint scanner

We already know that the upcoming Elephone R9 will have its fingerprint scanner integrated into the Home button, that’s nothing out of ordinary at all. But in this case the scanner will have a protective glass cover over it so the controls should be more precise and the recognition faster.

Elephone claim, through the mouth of their director of product design, that according to a long survey it’s much better to use the protective glass for the scanner and not the coating, which is the common solution. The coating while being cheaper is suffering from low surface hardness (3H) and bad abrasion resistance.

Using the glass cover for the fingeprint scanner you can reach hardness of 6H and it’s also certainly more aestethic and ergonomical. That’s why most of the higher end of the chinese manufacturers are going for it too, even though it’s a fairly expensive solution. So Elephone want to join the good company like Vivo, Oppo, Meizu or LeEco, who are already trying to offer the higher comfort level for the customers with the glass fingerpint scanner cover. More information here and here.

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