Cubot V2 smartband shapes up to be your healthty lifestyle assistant

Healthy lifestyle is certainly a major thing for many people. And according to the latest studies the key factor determining our health and quality of life is a properly functioning heart, optimal blood pressure and optimal heartbeat. If you are within the limits for an ordinary healthy person of 60-100 beats per minute in a calm state then you have nothing to fear. Otherwise that could be a reason to worry.

Smartbands and in general smart wearables could be a handy accessory helping to monitor such vitals and you can quite often track even more than just the blood pressure and heartbeat, possibly also things like calories burned, because that’s also affecting the heart functions.

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Cubot V2 is one of those capable smartbands and it can take care of monitoring of all the above mentioned values, so you have your health directly under control and can regulate your food patterns, calory intake, sport activities and other things.

You can check out the following video produced by Cubot, which sums up the reasons why the Cubot V2 could be a convenient personal health assistant for you.

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  1. Kamil
    September 21, 2016

    It doesn’t measure blood pressure. Also GPS tracker is not built-in. The only things included are heart rate monitor and pedometer (so actually nothing special for this price).