UMI Plus released as a “thank you” to the loyal fans

Latest UMI model, the UMI Plus is made by the company as a reasonable compromise between the performance, build quality and a solid price. It’s a trend for some time that customers are steering towards the value devices and apparently the feedback from the UMI customers are just supporting such direction.


UMI tried to create a really good looking phone, their designers used the curves and radians to the full extent and bring the sense of something unique. The curves are certainly the most dominant aspect of the design and the four radians perfectly match with the camera, with all the elements integrating harmoniously in the crafted metal body. Speaking about the body it’s made from a magnesium-aluminum alloy (called Magnalium 6000 series) and it should make the phone very resistant to the daily use scratches and abrasions. But still keeping the smooth surface, which is comfy to hold.


All in all UMI claim that the whole UMI Plus model is a way of saying “thank you” to all the loyal customers and fans of the UMI brand. And to appreciate all the support and feedback the company is promising to keep making the price/performance phone models and they are also giving away one UMI Plus free sample to a lucky giveaway winner, so make sure you subscribe for this chance here.


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