Dual camera confirmed for Xiaomi Mi5S plus frontal photo and pricing!

xiaomi mi5s dual camera

There are just 4 days left until Xiaomi unveil their new phones, and to hot up consumers they have been releasing teasers for fans to get stuck in to.

Posted above is the official teaser of Xiaomi’s upcoming smartphone launch, which the text tells us will take place in just 4 days time. But what is the most obvious feature in that teaser?… Yup, a dual camera!

It has long been rumoured that Xioami’s next flagships will feature a dual camera design, and it makes perfect sense that they would add a 2nd rear camera after all their top of the line Redmi phone has one.

So while we know that Xiaomi will have a new dual camera phone for us in just 4 days we still don’t know if the phone will be the Xiaomi Mi5s, Xiaomi Mi5s Plus (aka the Mi Note Pro 2) or if both of those phones will get the feature.

If that teaser isn’t enough to excite you then what about this?

xiaomi mi5s spy photo

According to the person who leaked this image, this is the first leaked front photo of the Xiaomi Mi5s. As you can see the phone in the image appears visually similar to the current Mi5 but has no physical home button.

xiaomi mi5s pricing xiaomi mi5s pricing

The Xiaomi Mi5S is set to launch on the 27th September with a Snapdragon 821 chipset and 6GB RAM, 2 versions are expected one being a 1999 Yuan model with 64GB storage and the other a 2999 Yuan variant with 256GB.

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