Xiaomi Mi 5s: All we know so far!

Xiaomi Mi 5S

While we wait for Xiaomi to announce their umpteenth device this year, let’s do a round up of what we think the Xiaomi Mi 5S will be like.

Xiaomi Mi 5s: All we know so far!

1. Most powerful Android smartphone on the market?

Xiaomi Mi 5S

The Xiaomi Mi 5S will most likely sport the finest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 paired up with 6GB of RAM. Xiaomi proudly posted the Antutu score of the device (164,119), although that score doesn’t take into account different factors, manufacturers always seem to push that out as much as possible (when it’s good, of course).

2. Same display as on the Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5S

The Xiaomi Mi 5S is expected to feature a 5.15-inch Full HD display, just like on the Xiaomi Mi 5. It’ll be IPS LCD and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

3. Dual camera setup

Xiaomi Mi 5S

It’s pretty much confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi 5S will feature a dual camera setup on the back, much like the Xiaomi Redmi Pro. The cameras could have an aperture of F/2.0 and a resolution of 12MP or 13MP, that is yet to be confirmed.

4. Camera samples

These are some photos that have been taken with the Xiaomi Mi 5S, or at least that’s what Lei Jun — Xiaomi’s CEO — says!

5. Shiny black ceramic body

Xiaomi Mi 5S

There’s going to be a glossy black color option, similar to the one present on the iPhone 7 (and the Vivo X7), but this one will be made in ceramic and thus it’ll be more scratch resistant.

6. Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner

Xiaomi Mi 5S Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

The Xiaomi Mi 5S will boast an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner beneath the front glass. It’s the first time this kind of technology gets implemented on mobile phones.

7. 3D Touch screen

Xiaomi Mi 5S

Xiaomi decided to also add a pressure-sensitive screen a.k.a. 3D Touch. This feature hasn’t had a huge success over the past years and it’s more of a gimmick, hopefully Xiaomi created some new functionalities that take advantage of it.

8. Leaked photos & renders

The actual design of the Xiaomi Mi 5S is the least certain thing, but it’s most likely going to sport no physical home button, determined from the fact that the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner doesn’t need a specific confined area / button to work.

9. Prices

xiaomi mi5s pricing

The Xiaomi Mi 5S will be priced 1999 Yuan ($299) for the cheapest version, which include a Snapdragon 821, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. While another variant with 256GB of built-in memory will cost 2999 Yuan ($449).

What do you guys think about the Xiaomi Mi 5S? Does it look promising to you?

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