Xiaomi Mi5s leaks in renders and photos

Xiaomi Mi5s leaks in renders and photos

xiaomi mi5s

If you haven’t seen or heard about the upcoming Xiaomi Mi5S you must have been in the deepest darkest cave on the planet. But never fear, here is your chance to catch up.

Xiaomi are poised to launch a new phone this week (two if you believe all the rumours), it’s a device that isn’t entirely new, but does have new features, including an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and dual rear camera design.

The phone is, of course, the much talked about Xiaomi Mi5S, a device based on the current (reduced in price) Mi5 but with no physical home button.

Over the past few weeks we have heard how the new Xiaomi Mi5S will come with these new features, but as the new fingerprint scanner and dual camera design will actually change the physical look of the phone, we weren’t entirely sure what it would look like.

xiaomi mi5s

Tipsters in China this they have the answers.

@Kjuma, notorious for leaks on Weibo, has offered up a collection of renders and purported photos of the new Xiaomi Mi5S to finally give the game away.

The front image shows a round blue ring for the fingerprint location where the old physical home button was located with blue dots on either side to show the location of other Android controls. It isn’t certain from this photo is the ring is printed on or if it will be backlit. A second render shows the Mi5S in black with the same ring location.

xiaomi mi5s

Moving to the rear and we can see that the dual camera design has forced the cameras to the centre of the phone (the Mi5 has its camera on the top left).

So what do you make of these latest leaks? Do you think they show the final version of the Xiaomi Mi5S? Find out tomorrow once the phone actually launches.

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  • vijay sud

    I do believe that all these leaks are just that-well LEAKS.

    • Lupo

      read: fakes

  • Ivan Budiutama

    so… xiaomi mentioned that they are not trying to be Apple, but that is one hell copy of 6S model with additional 2 dots beside the finger print scanner.

  • Fardin Alam Chowdhury

    Looks hideous

  • Kleever

    I really hope that blue circle is fake.

    • Lupo

      It is.

    • kzm

      Moto Z do put square and it look ugly..circle is better.

  • Ulti

    Ugly AF.

  • When people said Xiaomi was the Apple of China, I didn’t expect the meaning to be so literal ;).

  • TPK

    No LTE, no care, it’s really that simple. I hope Nubia is going to release EU-adjusted versions of their phones, since they aspire to address the customers within Europe.

    • Da Vo

      The fuck you talking about? Almost all EU countries use band 38.

      • TPK

        No band 20, no care.

  • Nishikanta

    What’s so special. No HiFi, no qhd , no bigger batterry.

    • Luis Bastos

      My friend, Apple doesn’t use QHD panels and they are great!
      QHD is just a gimmick, nothing else!
      Human eyes are only able to see pixels at a pixel density lower than 300ppi, more than that is nothing else
      You might need more pixels to use some VR handsets with quality bit still
      I think is no worth the money and the battery waste of a 2K panel.
      And there are more.
      3500mHa of battery for a 5.15 incher is awesome!
      You don’t have lots of smartphones with this size and this thickness with so much battery!
      The thing that I really miss is the HiFi chip, I really love music, I love to hear lossless audio and it’s not easy to find a good smartphone for that…
      The Vivo’s are not cheap and probably I will buy the Lenovo vibe X3
      It’s not the most powerful smartphone out there but is powerful enough and has a great sound quality!

  • xi7

    special secundary camera 180 degrees bad choice as all other cameras secondary.
    awaiting any macro features.

  • kzm

    Do you guys know what happen to pandawill.com? Their FB page and Twitter seem dead since May. Close already?