ELE Whisper combines noise cancellation with HiFi

ELE Whisper

The latest Elephone product, the in-ear ELE Whisper headphones are trying to combined the two major features together for the optimal user experience. Bringing both the noise cancellation technology and HiFi the goal is to start a new era, at least that’s using the direct quotes from the manufacturer.

The headphones, developed in cooperation with China Aerospace uses the aircraft active noise reduction (ANR) technologies, highly sensitive microphones, accurate noise reduction circuit system and high-fidelity speakers. The shell design and quality internal components take care of the good sound output, while the noise cancellation tech eliminates the interference and disruptive ambient noises so the user can focus fully only on the clear audio itself.acoustic-sounding-unit

You can find more about the ELE Whisper here eventually here and if such product would be appealing to you then join up with the crowd and pre-order a pair too.

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