Last minute Xiaomi Mi5S and Mi5S Plus leaks hit the web

Xiaomi Mi 5S

This is a potential spoiler alert so if you don’t want to see what might be launched by Lei Jun in just a few hours turn away now.

@KJuma has done it again with another Xiaomi leak, this time just hours before Lei Jun takes to the stage to launch his companies 2 new phones.

The images, originally posted on Weibo, show the front and rear of unknown Xiaomi model that the tech community believe will become the Xiaomi Mi5S and the Xiaomi Mi5S Plus (aka the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Pro).

xiaomi mi5s

Starting with the smaller phone we see that the chin of the device does seem to have lost its physical home button (as leaks have been saying) , but on closer inspection there is sill a physical pad of sorts for the Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner’s location. The shape of the button appears to be oval meaning the fingerprint scanner on the Mi5S could look exactly like the one on the OP3.

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Moving to the rear of the Xiaomi Mi5S we see a bigger change. The rear shell has been changed to brushed alloy with antenna lines running along the top and bottom of the body. The shell also has space for only a single rear camera rather than the double we had been expecting.

xiaomi mi5s plus

The 2nd leak is for a larger phone that could become the Xiaomi Mi5S Plus. In typical Xiaomi fashion the larger phone doesn’t really follow the design of the smaller device with no chin mounted fingerprint scanner. In fact the only notable feature on the front of the phone are the very narrow screen bezels.

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On to the rear however and things get more interesting. A rear fingerprint scanner is placed below a dual camera module (the design is the same as those in teasers in the run up to th launch). We also see that the metal finish on the rear is a brushed metal, similar to recent Xiaomi Redmi models.

So are these the final Xiaomi flagship products? Only time will tell.

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  1. Chris
    September 27, 2016

    At what time does the unveiling begin?

    • Chris
      September 27, 2016

      Replying to myself here, but a shitty google translate told me “Dinner time” and it is now 14:25 in china so in 3-4 hours is my guess.

      • Ibrahim Bahakim
        September 27, 2016

        I have a lot of freinds from China, so I know that the time difference between us and China is 5 hours!
        It is 9:38AM so in China it is 2:38PM and you said it is in dinner time in China? So I think that’s 7PM.. So about 10 hours from now.

        PS I am horrible at math :3

        • Chris
          September 27, 2016

          If the unveiling is at 7PM, that is in 4 hours 🙂 But thanks for giving me an estimated “Chinese Dinner time”!

      • Guaire
        September 27, 2016
  2. Pratik Desai
    September 27, 2016

    Such shitty design?

    • peep
      September 28, 2016

      only as shitty as the design it’s copying

  3. Rick
    September 27, 2016

    This metal thing is so ugly…

    September 27, 2016