Ulefone Tiger has a removable back cover, but the battery is not

The new Ulefone Tiger has been introduced on Monday and there seems to be a bit of a confusion regarding the 4200 mAh battery, because according to the official wording the Tiger has a full metal body with a removable back cover.

That’s a bit misleading, because the logic would dictate that with a removable back cover you have the battery removable too. But that’s not the case with Ulefone Tiger, because the battery is not removable at all and it kind of begs the question why bother with the removable cover at all then?

Official Ulefone answer is that it’s due to the location of the two SIM slots and microSD slot, because they think making it as side mounted trays wouldn’t be as practical as using the classical approach and leaving those under the removable cover is the best solution.

They also state that there is a dedicated chipset attached to the battery controlling the power input/output so making the battery removable would be risky due to possible damage to this chip while removing it. And they also make a little jab at the competition saying that for example popular Meizu MX4 also had a non-removable battery under a removable cover and it didn’t even have second SIM slot or a microSD slot.

Let’s also add that Ulefone used a bit of a unusual strategy with the Ulefone Tiger promo giveaways and launched those even before the presales are actually up. But the presales should already start next week anyway so it’s a minor concern. You can find all the information about the giveaway here and the detailed specs of the phone in here.

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