Elephone S7 tougher than it looks

Elephones S7 smartphone is a looker (we’ll give it that) but it’s also a pretty solid phone too!

Elephone has been making a lot of noise about the Elephone S7 and so far we have learnt the following about this handset. First of all the Elephone S7 will be one of the most affordable Helio X20 phones on the market, it’s also going go be an explosion proof phone (but then again it isn’t going to explode is it?), and it’s also a pretty decent looking phone too.

Elephone have taken a fair amount of time over the design of the S7, and even if you have less than stellar opinions about the brand it’s hard to knock the phone on looks alone.

But that’s not all! Apparently the Elephone S7 is also built of sterner stuff meaning that it can handle some pretty brutal punishment and still come back shining and ready for more.

The above video shows a ‘torture’ test of the phone where employees are given their opportunity to try and smash the Elephone S7.

Those of you who are interested in this new budget flagship can order the Elephone S7 online starting from as little as $139.99.

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