UMi Plus E vs Samsung S7 – battery comparison (video)

UMi Plus E

In the past years phones have been getting surprisingly powerful and fast, you are now able to run multiple apps at the same time, play heavy games and much more. But how’s that any useful if you run out of battery in the middle of the day?

Thankfully several manufacturers have understood this issue — UMi being one of them — and have worked on how to improve battery life on their smartphones. This can be done both though getting bigger capacity batteries and optimizing software but also by making the charging process faster.

UMi Plus E

UMi says the slim and light UMi Plus E is capable of a full day of average use, due to the 690Wh/L high density battery manufactured by Sony, which provides about 26% more energy than other smartphone batteries. The UMi Plus E will also be one of the first devices with the latest PE+ (PumpExpress+) quick charge technology.

UMi decided to put the UMi Plus E against the Samsung S7 in a battery showdown, here’s the video:

In the video we see how the PE+ technology allows the UMi Plus E to get charged from 1 to 27% in 30 minutes, while the Samsung S7 only reaches 20%. Then they fully charge both smartphones with the UMi Plus E again ahead, charging to 100% in 1hr 50 minutes, the Samsung S7 only gets to 91% in that time.

UMi Plus E

The end result is quite surprising as the UMi Plus E packs a bigger 4000mAh capacity battery vs the 3000mAh on the Samsung S7. This to shows how MediaTek is really pushing Pump Express+ quick charge technology and getting it much faster day by day, which is great news for us Chinese phone lovers.

To know more about the UMi Plus E check out UMi’s official website.

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