Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Andi Review

xiaomi miband 2 review

After becoming quite a bit larger than I once was, I’ve invested in the Mi Band 2. Here’s what I think of this little wearable.

Xiaomi weren’t the firs to launch a fitness tracker but they’ve been the ones to really make this simple wearable tech accessible and easy to use.

While the high streets might be full of Fitbits, it’s us in the know who have been lured over to the Xiaomi Mi Band, and it’s now quite a commons device to see whether you walk around Beijing, London or Madrid!

xiaomi miband 2 review
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 strap

I reviewed, and loved, the original Xiaomi Mi Band, I wasn’t quite taken with the Mi Band 1S, but this new Mi Band 2 is incredible.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review

For the Mi Band 2, Xiaomi have kept the design of the wearable nice and simple, only adding features that are really useful and would make the wearable even more user friendly.

xiaomi miband 2 review

The original Mi Band had a very simple metal face with 3 LED lights that flashed to tell you of a notification or when you reached a certain ‘goal’. If you wanted more accurate information you would need to log in to the Mi Fitness app on your phone.

xiaomi miband 2 review

For the Mi Band 2, Xiaomi have given the device it’s own OLED display which tells you much of the information you want to see while on the go.

The display tells you the number of steps you have taken so far, will work out the calories burnt and distance traveled too.

xiaomi mi band 2

A glass face takes up the front of the new Xiaomi Mi Band, which a simple touch sensitive button to flick through the different menus.

xiaomi miband 2 review
Mi Band 2 Heart Monitor

Like the Mi Band 1S the Mi Band 2 has a heart monitor on the rear and your pulse can be taken by simply tapping to the heart icon and waiting a few seconds. I can also happily report that I haven’t had any odd burns or marks which some wearers reported on the Mi Band 1S.

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xiaomi miband 2 review

One feature the original Mi Bands didn’t have, and one that many of us really wanted, was the ability to tell the time. With that OLED display the Mi Band 2 now has the time instantly making this a much more useable device than ever before.

xiaomi mi band 2

Bluetooth is still present so all your data is sync’d across to your phone, and if you wear the Mi Band 2 when you sleep the wearable will keep a record of how long you have slept and how much “deep sleep” you managed.

xiaomi mi band 2

The Mi Fitness App also syncs with Xiaomi’s smart scales and together you can create a very accurate exercise regime to keep in shape.

Battery life on the Mi Band 2 isn’t quite up to the battery life on the original Mi Band, but I’ve been getting through 3 weeks of daily use on a single charge, and charging the built in batter to full takes hardly any time at all. The battery life and speed of charge has meant that the Mi Band 2 has replaced my Asus Android Wear watch as my daily wearable.

xiaomi miband 2 review
The main ‘brain’ is removable from the strap

All in all there is nothing that I would change on the Mi Band 2. The wearable has great features, the battery life is incredible, the device comfy to wear and best of all I can now use it as a watch!

The Mi Band 2 is available through various online stores, but keep an eye on shipping prices to get the best deal.

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