Ever thought of getting a 720-degree camera for your Elephone S7?

Ever thought of getting a 720-degree camera for your Elephone S7?


Do you own an Elephone S7 and find its camera ok but you want to do more? Elephone seem to have had that thought as well since they’re releasing a new add-on micro USB camera to go along with the bezel-less S7.

Elephone 720 camera

All we know so far is that the camera will have a 720 degree angle of view, we aren’t sure if this is achieved by using two sensors, one on the front and one on the back, or if the camera just rotates.

Elephone say the camera will be plug-n-play, so all you need to do is plug it into the USB port of your smartphone and being to use it. We assume you’ll also need an additional camera app to use it, though.

This is somewhat an unexpected move from Elephone as they also are in the 360° camera business, but I guess they’re willing to lose some clients in order to simplify and lower the entry price to create 360 degree photos and videos.

We’ll let you know more about this camera add-on as info come out. If you want to get them first hand, check out Elephone’s official website or Facebook page.

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  • BS

    this came from area 51, but gadget looks nice,

  • Jake99

    looks useful for all the selfie lovers out there, not something i would use often, but i can definitely imagine people getting and using this camera 🙂

  • Андрей Буту́сов

    This is so cool, for once you can get some of these cool gadgets for Android phones… Usually only Apple products get gadgets like this, but this time we, casual android users, can get one of them as well!


    The plug and play system sounds interesting. But how 720° works actually?
    How many lens are there?

  • Massimo G

    It could be interesting, if the cost would not exceed the € 50 and maybe allow use in other smartphones that are not S7.
    I add that an accessory like that, without proper software support, can only have limited performance and settings , however we will wait to have it released ..