460,000 Nokia 6 Registrations And Growing!

nokia 6 android phone

We all knew that the all new Nokia 6 was going to be a popular phone but just how popular?

Nokia’s return to the smartphone industry has really proven to be a successful move, and so far the companies first Android device is very popular.

Nokia announced the Nokia 6 Android smartphone a few days ago in China and yesterday JD.com started the registration process for all customers interested to purchase the new handset.

In the first 24 hours the registration proved to be so popular that 230,000 Chinese smartphone fans had registered to buy the smartphone. A day later and we’re looking at 420,000 registrations so far!

Those registration numbers are expected to grow further, but don’t necessarily translate in to paying customers.

The Nokia 6 will officially be up for sale on the 19th January and is expected to sell out rather quickly as genuine customers battle with scalpers to buy the mid-range smartphone first.

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