Quick visit in the Nomu factory


For many of us the smarthone creation process is something similar to complex magic ritual and we can’t really fathom all the necessary steps and processes needed for the gadget fully assembled and ready to leave the factory. So a quick peek behind the curtain can be pretty interesting.

And thanks to the video supplied by Nomu we have a chance to see just that, quick tour of their mobile factory in Shenzhen, the chinese leyline and Silicon Valley of the East. So check out the following video to see the journey of the products through the departments, starting in assembly and visiting the labaratory for further testing and ending in packaging. More pictures in the gallery at the end of the article.

Nomu is the up and coming maker of the rugged smartphones and so far the feedback for the recent trio of their resistant smartphones S10, S20 and S30 has been overly positive. You can find more information about the company, brand and individual models visiting the official website.

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