Xiaomi Redmi 4 gets a slight makeover (slimmer bezels)

Xiaomi’s busy preparing the stage for the Redmi Note 4 launch in India, but there’s also something cooking at their home offices.

News is that Xiaomi may have given the Redmi 4 a bit of a makeover. The Chinese company’s love affair with slim bezels started with the Mi MIX late last year, and seems to have been carried on to give existing phones a fresher look.

Leaked photos of what looks like the Redmi 4 have surfaced, giving a glimpse at the slimmer bezels. While the white borders around the touch panel still exist (but look beefier?), it’s the back under-the-digitizer bezels that have shrunk.

Have a look below:

According to Chinese media, this new and refreshed Redmi 4 started shipping 11th January onwards, which means it’s been out for a week. It’s a welcome change from Xiaomi, and it shows that the company is interested in making better its existing smartphones.

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