Old school rugged AGM M1 is a one tough cookie


In the world of futuristic looking smartphones a good old school “dumb” phone is already almost extinct and today we will take a look at one of those unicorns. AGM M1 is a feature phone focusing solely on the resistance and long standby aspect and in such role it can excel.

The AGM M1 is built like a tank and like all the proper rugged devices it sports the IP68 certification making it fully water and dustproof, you can check all the abuse it can handle in the video clip below. Other than that it’s a simple feature phone with hardware keyboard, 2-inch QCIF display, 2 Mpix waterproof rear camera, hybrid slot for dual SIM cards, 2570 mAh battery capable of delivering 10 days of stand-by time or 5 days of usage time, FM radio or special antenna structure for extra strong signal reception.

You can find more about the phone on the official website and if you are looking for a specialized feature phone made just for the purpose of rugged life and survival without all the glitter of the smartphones this one could be just for you. You can also follow the official Facebook page of AGM for more information about the brand and new models.

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