MGCOOL Band 2 guarantees accurate activity tracking with a tri-axis sensor

MGCOOL Band 2 guarantees accurate activity tracking with a tri-axis sensor


Summer is getting closer and many of us want to get in shape for the beach or just look fit. However finding the time and motivation can be somewhat hard to do, that’s when a fitness tracker comes in. (Meanwhile, read our MGCOOL Band 2 Review here.)


While it doesn’t actually do anything to improve your health, it does motivate you to move, run and keep a more active life in general. Obviously if you’ve come here you already know we’re talking about the MGCOOL Band 2, the latest fitness band from the Chinese accessories maker.

The MGCOOL Band 2 is a robust, low-power, SPI band with a 3-axis accelerometer and integrated FIFO buffer that features a wide range of embedded functionalities, including tap detection, orientation, activity and wake-up algorithm.


Other than the 3-axis accelerometer that is used to collect data then converted into steps, calories or sleep quality — with some guesswork involved along the way—, we also find an optical sensor which shines a light on your skin and measures your pulse through it: the light illuminates your capillaries, then a sensor measures the rate at which your blood is pumped a.k.a. your heart rate.


It is suggested to wear the fitness tracker on your non-dominant wrist and as close to the wrist bone as possible, that is to get the most accurate readings.

Lastly, as mentioned at the beginning, a fitness tracker is not a medical device and should not be considered as such. Step tracking is intended to be a tool to provide you with information to encourage an active and healthier lifestyle.


You can find more info about the MGCOOL Band 2 over at MGCOOL’s official website and Facebook page.

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  • Emilio Calvo

    Really interesting this band noticing its low prize. I will continue follow it.

  • Emi Geek

    It can be interesting for review in my Youtube Channel.

  • Jonathan dos Santos

    The design is good, I hope the performance will be good too..

  • Armando Jaleo

    How do it measures the hours of sleep?.

  • goodwill

    Pierre, we have a new batch of fake commenters here. Profile just created in 2017 and all the comments are for MGCOOL products. and the fact that they ALL commented an hour ago.. how synchronized. haha

  • Cristian Cacciatore

    The product is good without any doubt, and thanks to this little explanation more people can understand how much this band could be useful.

  • Lalrindika Ralte

    Does it have a sedentary alert?

  • Martin Guptill

    Will this bracelet connect to a HTC smart phone?

  • Giuseppe

    I’ll buy One of this products when they’ll obligate me to do some physical activity, I’m too much lazy and buy the band could be useless for me