3 million OPPO R9S units sold in China last month

While it’s true that OPPO doesn’t get spoken about as often as it used to a couple of years back, it’s also worth noting that the brand has had a bit of a change of heart.

By the Find 5, OPPO was a true ‘geeks only’ brand that awarded people who tinkered around with phones. By late-2013 however, a separate company — OnePlus — was formed that took care of the niche market. That’s a story for another day, but what we’re here to talk about is how OPPO have grown as an offline brand.

OPPO sold a massive 3 million units of their svelte OPPO R9S smartphone in China, in January 2017 alone.

Testimony to that is the fact that OPPO sold a massive 3 million units of their svelte OPPO R9S smartphone in China, in January 2017 alone.

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Why this is impressive is because unlike some other fast-moving Chinese phones, the OPPO R9S doesn’t particularly fall in the ‘affordable’ segment with a price tag of 2799 Yuan ($416). Also, it isn’t the newest phone on the market after having spent a good four months already.

OPPO have been posting some impressive numbers lately, and it goes to show that with the right product and marketing, offline sales can still take you to the top.

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  1. Vincent Klock
    February 19, 2017

    Oppo is visible everywhere in China, I just went there, in a small city of the center of the country, we can see only 2 brands: Oppo and Vivo. On the mobile phone shops, in the streets, etc. In the Xi’an airport there are great ads for the R9S, and it is the same in the bus stations in the country. No wonder they do massive sells.

    • Wolvie
      February 20, 2017

      Yeah i think i got what you mean.

      Oppo/Huawei are very strong in physical presence in china and around the world so they can sell well. Even with their high prices and low-end H/W specification they still can sell very well, thanks to their big budget flashy advertising using big shot actors/actress/singers. Somehow public still got con with this approaches *sigh*

      Future wise, maybe will not be the same as everything now literally start to move to online transaction. If this happened i don’t think Oppo can sell so well as today.
      By then it is very easy to find spec ,review, and prices on the internet so buyers can choose more wisely.

      Problem with cheap and good china products is vendors never got enough stocks to sell directly on their official online or retail shops. Buyers got no choice but to buy from 2nd tier online shops where they jack off the price much higher.

      So instead the intended cost saving passed down to buyers, it had been gone to those china online re-sellers where they can have a nice profit cut from those cheap products.

  2. Karly Johnston
    February 21, 2017

    Those are good numbers in a month for a flagship.