Quarter of a million Redmi Note 4 sold in 10 minutes (in India)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 India specifications

What had become habit for Xiaomi started eluding the fast-rising Chinese ‘startup’ by late-2015 and 2016. GizChina patrons from back in the day will know how often headlines like this one made to the homepage — often to the annoyance of some.

It seems like the Redmi line is what is going to be sailing the boat for Xiaomi. While the company has been in the news for some off-the-fore news of late, we’re mostly only interested in the phones (and other cool stuff) they have on offer.

It’s been learnt that Xiaomi just pulled off a Xiaomi in India a little after the Redmi Note 4 launch in the country. We got told today that the company sold ‘more than 250,000’ Redmi Note 4 in India in a mere 10 minutes — and that’s some feat.

The Redmi Note 4 was always going to be an extremely important phone for Xiaomi in the Indian market, especially after the kind of numbers the Redmi Note 3 sold in. Xiaomi have a task ahead of them, and that is to prove to existing and to-be buyers that the Redmi Note 3 was no fluke, and that the company has a repeatable, scaleable formula to produce kickass mid-range phones year after year.

The Redmi Note 4 sold in India is a bit different from the one sold in China (or for that matter, the one that we reviewed). The biggest difference, and the one you should be concerned about, is the SoC — the Indian version features a Snapdragon chipset instead of a MediaTek usually seen on Redmi phones in China. It’s sold in four variants in India, from the base 10k INR 2GB/16GB all the way up to the 13k 4GB/64GB version. Unfortunately, we don’t have information on which one shared the biggest section of the pie.

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