Rugged phone BLUBOO R1 will feature a massive 7150mAh battery


Phone manufacturers have finally understood the importance of having a phone that lasts a full day on battery, even more so those that are made for outdoor activities like rugged phones. That is why BLUBOO is working on a phone that could have three or more days of battery life, i.e. the BLUBOO R1.


How did they achieve that? Well, they did it by simply adding more battery capacity to the problem. The BLUBOO R1 is indeed said to be featuring a massive 7150mAh battery, which should definitely help achieve multiple days of battery life.

BLUBOO say the R1 will be able to manage 57 hours of web browsing, 85 hours of music playing and 650 hours in standby. The phone will also support fast charging and wireless charging so you will probably never run low on battery.

BLUBOO R1 Camera

The huge battery size is only the latest detail we get to know about BLUBOO’s rugged phone which will feature high-end hardware in other components as well. For more info about the BLUBOO R1, check out BLUBOO’s official website.

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