Vernee Apollo X could bring the OXI desktop experience system


Seems like Vernee are fully commited to bring some cutting edge stuff with their devices and the latest information is hinting at the OXI desktop experience system could be coming built-in the latest Vernee Apollo X model. So what is this OXI again ?

It was developed for Android to provide a new desktop-like experiece for your phone or tablet with multi-window mode possibility. That really shines when you can cast the screen to an external display while still keeping the full screen mode on your mobile device. So it feels like the Microsoft’s Continuum idea, except it’s for the Android. With current mobiles being more powerful than the desktop computers just few years ago, such move makes sense and we can just applaud for trying.

Vernee has apparently formed a deep cooperation with auxens, the OXI developers and they are planning to integrate the OXI into all the higher end Vernee models. So Apollo X is only the first in line to carry it on board allegedly. Speaking of Vernee models there is currently a special Vernee brand sale on Gearbest with phones being up to $80 off so worth taking a look.

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