In India, Xiaomi could surpass 18 million shipments this year

xiaomi India

Xiaomi’s India division recently sold 250,000 Redmi 4A smartphones in just four minutes. Now Xiaomi’s accelerated growth in India is set to get even faster. The Chinese manufacturer could sell more than 18 million smartphones in India this year, according to projections.

As far as we can tell, the numbers are on Xiaomi’s side. The past year has seen a jump in the number of smartphone users in India. The smartphone user base crossed 300 million in 2016 and is expected to stand at over 500 million by the end of 2017.

Keeping these figures in mind, Xiaomi recently set up their second manufacturing plant in India. The new plant will have a combined production capacity of one phone per second during operational hours. Together, the two manufacturing plants will keep up with the demand for new Xiaomi smartphones, at least for now.

Barring a few dry spells, Xiaomi has been posting impressive sales figures for the last two years, both globally as well as in India. In 2016, just two years after setting up shop in India, Xiaomi managed to breach $1 billion in revenue. The climb towards the Global Top 10 has been steep for Xiaomi and there seem to be no plans of slowing down. On the contrary, Xiaomi plans to surpass global sales of $14.5 billion this year.

India is a hotbed for mid-range smartphones and Xiaomi knows this. A combination of well-timed, budgeted smartphones should see Xiaomi through to its goal this year.

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