GIVEAWAY: Win a free UMiDigi C Note!

GIVEAWAY: Win a free UMiDigi C Note!


We’re back with YET another giveaway!

After announcing one only yesterday, we’d like to tell our readers about yet another phone we have waiting for them.

This time, it’s the spanking new UMiDigi C Note, a phone that just got announced by the Chinese maker. As you can tell from the name, the C Note is a device that’s actually a phablet.

It comes with some rather nice features as well — you can have a quick check here. For the lazy souls, let me mention the top few features — 3800mAh battery, seamless metal body, and Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box!


As usual, follow the rules below to give yourself a chance to take home a new UMiDigi C Note.

UMiDigi C Note Giveaway

Terms and conditions

  • The contest will run from 12th April to 18th April 2017 (GMT-08:00)
  • This contest is open to readers of GizChina worldwide
  • The prize will be shipped via Registered Post/EMS/DHL/FedEx
  • The winner will be responsible for any VAT/customs duties applicable
  • We will not be held responsible for lost shipments
  • We (GizChina/ reserve the rights to making changes to this contest and/or the rules
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    The Seamless Full Metal Body with Dual 3D Cutting Edge technology is what absolutely makes the awesome UMiDigi C Note smartphone a truly stand-out & superior among other rival smartphones on its category today in the market. Oh, I really dream I could win one of this..? #GizChina #UMiDigiCNote .

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