LG G6 Mini model images appear, comes with 5,4 inch display

LG G6 Mini model images appear, comes with 5,4 inch display


And while we wait for the LG G6 model to be fully available in the European markets, rumors and some (not confirmed yet) images of a smaller LG G6 mini model appear, out of the blue.

The images show a much smaller device equipped with a 5,4 inch panel and a screen/body ratio under 80% aimed mainly towards younger users or those who prefer smaller smartphones for everyday use.

lg g6 mini

This purported LG G6 Mini comes with a 18:9 ratio – the same with its older sibling- but so far there are no more clues regarding its main specifications. It seems however that LG plans to choose lower specs for this “Mini” device, in order to launch it with at a much more affordable price. Note also that the LG G6 “Mini” is not the final market name of the small smartphone as this is subject to changes from the Korean company.

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  • Zero

    And here is the Latin America edition of the LG G6…

  • Nicolas Marshall

    “Let’s make a normal sized phone, with the latest design features, but with lower specs”
    Every smartphone manufacturer lately

    Are we ever gonna get good phones at normal screen sizes ?

  • Flipp0

    Looks like the regular G6.

  • Vincent

    g6 “MINI” : 5.4 ” . clap clap clap clap

    • Karoon

      With this screen/body ratio it should share the same size as a typical 5″ phone. fap fap fap fap

      • Jérémy Guilbault

        yeahh but it could be awesome to have a 5″ in a 4.3″ body 🙂

  • Just curious; in what universe is 5.4 “much smaller” than 5.7?