Jelly is the world’s smallest 4G phone running Android 7

Jelly is the world’s smallest 4G phone running Android 7


A new crowd funded project has been started by a Chinese company who want to release the world’s smallest LTE smartphone.

The makers of the Jelly have taken everything we know about Android smartphone design and slimmed it all down to fit in a palm-sized device that has a display of just 2.4inches!

The Kickstarter project was started by a group called Unihertz in Shanghai and has already raised $80,000 with tech fans eager to see the Jelly, $59, and Jelly Pro, $75, become a reality.

Both versions of the Jelly smartphone come with the same 1.1Ghz quad-core chipset, 960mAh battery and 2.45-inch 240 x 432 display. The differences are in the amount of memory with the standard Jelly having 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory and the Pro receiving 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory.

Jelly has also given the phone a 2 mega-pixel front camera, 8 mega-pixel rear, and there is even space left over for dual Nano sim cards!

Now if you have been following the Chinese tech industry for some time you may have already seen the Jelly phone, and you may also remember that originally the Jelly was an Elephone handset named the Elephone Q. Elephone showed us the Q back in August of 2015 with similar specifications only it could support 3G networks only and had and Android 4.4 Kitkat OS. In additional to the Jelly have LTE the updated model also has Android 7.0 out of the box.

Does a super small phone like this interest you, or is 5.5-inch the size your feel most comfortable with these days?

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  • Raul


    • hotphil

      Useful as a second handset…

  • hotphil

    I had an Elephone Q. I loved the idea of it, but it was so slow that it was unusable. And the microUSB port was deeply recessed on an angled surface so could only be used with the supplied cable. I’ll give this one a miss…

    • Nicolas Marshall

      Just because elephone fucked up theirs doesn’t mean the idea is bad altogether. After all, elephone has a history of fucking up phones of all form factors 🙂

  • Elégedetlen_Állampolgá[email protected]

    ele Q was sported with only half gig of ram, and thats why that was a born dead idea.

  • Karoon

    This is probably just another rebranded Elephone, like the UnaPhone Zenith

  • Much more interested in this project than any 5.5+” phones, but alas, the specs are beyond subpar. If I wanted a brand new, outdated phone, I’d just get the latest iPhone.

  • NextHype

    OMG… 240*432 xD
    I’d go for a smartwatch instead of this

  • MattD

    Those bezels are so huge it looks like it’s an htc phone! That’s why smaller screen doesn’t mean smaller phones: the internal components still need space, so sacrificing the screen size can only bring to bigger bezels… That’s why I don’t understand people bitching about everything above 4 inches…

    I can imagine @Yeti Hands picking it up as a smart ring lol

  • MBison

    Unbox therapy did a video of this, looks pretty cool

  • Budi Utomo

    If you want to buy the 4G rugged smartphone running Android 7, I think Blackview BV7000 Pro it the best one.

  • E8hffff

    I think my Huawei Ideos U8150 is smaller.