Meizu plans to launch its bezel-less smartphone in 2018

So don’t get your hopes up for this year guys, Meizu officials have other plans for now, basically restructuring and trying to cope with reduced earnings.


However today’s rumors insist that the Chinese company has already plans for a bezel-less smartphone – but for 2018. After all Meizu President Jack Wong recently confirmed it, hinting that no full-screen phone will be coming from Meizu this year. If rumors prove to true then this bezel-less smartphone is expected to have an impressive design, comparable to the standards set by Samsung or Apple, and it should be equipped with a powerful Snapdragon SoC, now that the Chinese manufacturer is in good terms with Qualcomm.

The device is expected to cost around 4000 Yuan (around $580) or more but since technicians have to adapt the hardware/software of the phone to Qualcomm’s SoC, time is needed. Until then you will have to do with Meizu’s other models – just don’t expect them to be bezel-less anytime soon.

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