Bezel-less Maze Alpha will be released in June

Maze Alpha

Another contender for the throne of the best Xiaomi Mi Mix clone gets a solidified release date, because Maze just announced that their Maze Alpha will be launching in June with “surprisingly unbeatable” price. That’s a line that every customer is intrigued to hear so we will be hoping for a pleasant surprise soon.

A bit more has has been also revealed about the specifications of the Maze Alpha, so let’s summarize what we can expect from this phone. For starters it will have an 6-inch FullHD display crammed into the 5,5-inch sized body with 16:9 aspect ratio, 83 % screen to body ratio and minimal 1.8mm bezels. It’s actually refreshing seeing the proper handling of the facts in contrast to just hiding behind the “bezel-less” mantra like some of the others.

The phone will have so far undisclosed chipset (most probably an octa-core one, my bet is on some Helio) paired with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage or 6GB+128GB combo for the Limited edition of the device. It will also sport a metal frame, front Touch ID fingerprint scanner and dual rear camera.

Maze Alpha looks pretty good and you can subscribe on their official website for the latest updates about the model, but of course we will keep you informed too. Alpha will be the second released phone from the fledgling chinese manufacturer following the Maze Blade model and we are looking forward to actually see it.

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