8 different UMIDIGI Crystal prototypes unveiled


Seems like the upcoming UMIDIGI Crystal model is not fully set in stone as of yet concerning the actual looks and equipment of the phones. After a week of polling and gathering information from customers the chinese manufacturer announced today that they have come up with 8 different prototypes to show tomorrow !

From the information we have available it’s clear, that the differences are actually not just minor, because the prototypes are for example vary in screen size. Prototypes are coming with screens ranging from the ordinary 5,5-inch ones through bigger 6-inch displays to the oversized 6,4-inch ones. So are they really not fully decided on the size of the UMIDIGI Crystal or just thinking about different variants to release ?

We should see tomorrow, when they are planning to unveil all the most voted pieces with the most favourite colors and Lumia / Full metal edition versions. Quite intrigued by such an event, could it be that a company is actually trying to listen to customer wishes and dreams ? You can still subscribe and participate in their activity event.

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