The Ivvi V3 shows up, is yet another dual camera phone but with a twist

This is the season of dual camera phones. By ‘dual camera’, I’m not referring to phones featuring cameras on both sides; rather, I’m talking about phones with dual cameras on the rear.

The newest to join the bandwagon is the Ivvy V3, which is a smartphone that just leaked. The phone was expected to feature a top-of-the-line Snapdragon 835 chip, but here it seems like that hasn’t been confirmed yet — at least at the time of posting this leak.

The phone will feature a dual rear camera at the back, which like I said, is quite the flavour of the season. Besides that, the phone is expected to feature a 3D display — something that hasn’t been seen around too much since quite a while.

You should get to learn more about this smartphone as it nears launch. For now, you can expect it to have a Snapdragon SoC, but then, without any confirmation whatsoever.

Ivvi aren’t a very popular brand outside of China, so you may not be able to purchase this phone on your favourite e-commerce store very easily.

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