Vernee Thor E will get you through 3 days on a single charge

The Vernee Thor E is one of the slimmest battery phones on the market with a thin 8.2mm body and a big 5020mAh battery under the hood; the handset is also rather light for the battery it packs and only weighs 145 grams.

Obviously, the Chinese phone maker is marketing the Thor E as the ultimate endurance phone, with a potential battery life of three days. To achieve that, Vernee has revealed two key points they’ve been working on. Let’s check them out.

#1 Perfect optimization of software and hardware on power consumption

While that may sound obvious, many phone manufacturers do not spend too much time deciding which hardware works best for a desired result, they tend to put what’s available at that time. Vernee instead choose to equip the Thor E with a power efficient SoC which features Cortex-A53 cores and added 3GB of RAM to keep apps running and avoid wasting energy relaunching them.

On the software side, the Vernee Thor E comes with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, which is more efficient than older Google OS’s. Managing background progress and standardizing wakelocks to lower apps wakeup frequency and reduce power draw.

#2 Ultra Power Saving Mode

If the factors above didn’t help you enough, the Vernee Thor E also comes with Ultra Power Saving Mode which has a dedicated key.

When you press the button the brightness will automatically drop, the screen will become black and white, CPU and GPU will underclock, push notifications will be disabled and apps in the background will be optimized.

With this power saving measure, Vernee say you can keep using your phone for about 24 hours with only 20% battery.

Since the Vernee Thor E sports a big 5020mAh battery, the company added 9V2A (18W) fast charging, so that you can also save time when the phone needs a refill.

Vernee somewhat demonstrated it in this short video:

The Vernee Thor E is now available over at AliExpress for just $109.99. Learn more about it on the official website.

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