Is OnePlus bringing back the invite system for the OnePlus 5 model? (update: no!)

A recent information from the official landing page for OnePlus 5 launch in India, mentions that all those interested to attend the special event (scheduled to take place in Mumbai on June 22), will have to purchase an invite that costs INR 999 ($15 or 13€).

oneplus 5

No problem there of course, but if you continue to read then things get interesting:

 “Invite holders will receive a OnePlus 5 invite code at the launch event”

This is what you’ll read among the perks available to all those of you in India who will attend the event, along with a T-shirt, a travel backpack, and a pair of sunglasses. But what does this OnePlus 5 invite code means? Does it suggest that the invite system will be back at least for the Indian market? OnePlus hasn’t clarified yet this matter and we have no idea what will happen in other countries.

What do you think? Is the invite system going to work?

UPDATE: OnePlus replied to our questions and thankfully confirmed that the OnePlus 5 will be available to all interested members, with no invites. The specific invite system is only for the Indian event on June 22. 

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