Cubot S1 Smartband Launched with Six-Axis Accelerometer and More

Cubot have just launched a new smartband which goes by the name of Cubot S1. The S1 is said to be sporting really advanced technology such as a six-axis accelerometer and more neat features . Let’s check it out!

What are the Cubot S1’s main features?

1. 24-hour dynamic heart rate monitoring

The Cubot S1 can continuously monitor your heart rate and store it on the app for you to check later. You can also turn off the dynamic heart rate function if you wish to save power, though. Additionally, you can set a heart rate range and when your current heart rate beyond this range, you’re going to get a warning.

2. Automatically identify multiple modes

The S1 band will automatically identify a variety of sports like walking, running, riding etc, based on the built-in six-axis accelerometer. Thanks to that, you get a more accurate running mileage, dynamic heart rate and consumption of calories data.

3. The temperature and pressure monitoring

The Cubot S1 features a temperature sensor and pressure sensor, so at the change of temperature and pressure it can predict the weather and send you a notification.

4. Remote control camera and player management

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With the Cubot band you can snap selfies remotely through the app and also manage the music on your smartphone. You can play, pause, go to the previous song or the next one.

5. Sedentary reminder and drink reminders

If you work in an office you might find this feature helpful. The smart band will simply notify you when you’ve been sitting for too long or when to drink water after a defined time.

6. Call and SMS alert

The cubot s1 will vibrate and remind you of the incoming calls and text messages. So it’ll be harder to miss important calls.

7. Open and connect GPS

Lastly, the app on the phone is able to use GPS to keep track of your movements and have more accurate measurements.

Cubot say they’ve been working a lot on the Cubot S1 APP, making it slighter and with a nicer interface. Meanwhile the S1 band itself is said to be somewhat waterproof, meaning you can take a shower or wash your hands wearing it, but you shouldn’t go swimming with it.

Battery wise, the Cubot S1 comes with a built-in 85mAh Lipo battery which will give the band a standby time of 30 days (checked in a laboratory).

The smart band is also made of metal, aluminum to be precise and it sports a 0.96-inch OLED display. The wristband itself is instead made by German Bayer and it’s waterproof, wear-resistant and designed to let heart go through.

You can learn more about the Cubot S1 on its official product page.

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