Gretel GT6000 Dual Camera Photo Samples And Special Price News

Gretel has sent over a double whammy today, first showing off the dual camera feature of the new GT6000 and then following up with details of mid-year sale!

Gretel is pretty excited about the Gretel GT6000 and it’s not that surprising really. The phone is the companies dual camera darling and boasts a 13 megapixel Panasonic MN34172 sensor with 4x zoom and F2.2 aperture. The dual camera design of the GT6000 is used primarily to offer a fast zoom feature and also create a Bokeh effect.

To give us an idea of how the effect looks, Gretel has sent us a few photo samples to look at;

The second piece of news is that Gretel has teamed up with JTD on Aliexpress to offer the GT6000 at a special mid-year price of only $99.99. In addition to the dual camera phone, this Mid-Year sale offer also gets you a screen protector and case for free.

On top of the dual camera function, the Gretel GT6000 also comes with other high-end features like a fingerprint scanner with fast 0.01s unlock speed and a home button with multi-function support.

In addition to the camera and security features, the GT6000 also comes with a large battery and USB OTG (cable included too!) so that you can charge other USB devices from your phone or connect mass storage device to move files around.

Gretel GT6000 Hands On Video

The mid-year began earlier today so head over to Aliexpress and pick up a Gretel GT6000 for under $100 today!

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